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Annual Maintenance Contract


Did you know that instead of hiring a handyman by the hour every time something breaks down, you can take out an annual maintenance contract to cover a variety of repair and maintenance tasks in your home? You can also save a lot of money in the long run by signing up for an annual maintenance contract through Technical Care AE. They cover all basic services such was plumbing, AC servicing and electrical works as well as regular inspections. Technical Care AE allows you to pick the suitable annual maintenance contract that matches your exact requirements and budget.

Have some peace of mind

Homeowners know by now that prevention is better than repairing. When your appliances are all working at 100% that is when you need to get in contact with a maintenance company in Dubai through Technical Care AE. You must ensure everything stays running and you don't wind up with pricey repair bills when something breaks down. Replacing or repairing an object without a contract with a maintenance company will slow the process and cost you extra.

Services that are included

As part of your annual maintenance contract, a qualified handyman in Dubai will be send to your home to perform a number of services whenever the need arises. From replacing the batteries in your smoke detector, checking your sinks for leaks, inspecting floors and roofs, and cleaning light fixtures, there’s nothing too big or small. If you initiate an annual contract with a maintenance company in Dubai through Technical Care AE, you’ll be free of the burden to check on everything yourself.

Handyman by the hour vs annual maintenance contract

If you’re living in an apartment or a villa, chances are you need an annual maintenance contract in Dubai, which you can easily find through Technical Care AE. For a general idea of the price differences, you'll be paying between AED 3000 and 6000 for unlimited servicing and maintenance, while hiring a handyman per hour will cost 130 - 220 AED, which can add up quickly within a year.

The expense of having year round support

When you have an annual maintenance contract in Dubai, help is one call away. Look through the various options on Technical Care AE and compare quotes until you find one that you're comfortable with. After all, this will be year round servicing from a quality maintenance company. Opt for the premium package at AED 2800, which includes the cost of items that need to be replaced.

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